Arizona and Jim Crow

I honestly thought moving west I'd be leaving racism behind. Unfortunately, I've discovered that in Arizona to transact almost any public business you'd better have your birth certificate in hand. See, it seems that folks out here are terrified of Mexicans. They are convinced that they're just dying to steal all their money, attend their colleges (how they steal and education is beyond me), and steal the elections by voting.

For almost everything I've done from getting a driver's license to registering to vote to registering for a class at a college I've had to prove that I'm a U.S. Citizen. It's almost to the point of ridiculous. But, that's fear for you and a Republican legislature who feeds on xenophobia.

Yes, I'm sure that there may be some legitimate concerns and I could see requiring such proof if someone is applying for welfare, work, or a benefit program. But really - school? Even if they're illegal they have to pay so what's the big deal? You're still getting the money.

Anyway, guess racism is always around it just hits whomever is the biggest minority in the area. Glad I have a wallet sized copy of my birth certificate or I'd be in big trouble in these parts!